Terms and Conditions

We will accept any questions or problems, big, small, silly, weird, serious, whatever! However, by submitting a question or problem for us to solve, you agree that we:

  • May choose not to publish/answer your question
  • May publish what you’ve written verbatim no matter how bad it makes you look (hey, you wrote and submitted it)
  • May edit or abridge your question if it’s ten million years long and we’re bored by it
  • May answer however we fucking like
  • May tell you you’re being a fuckwit
  • May make fun of you if you’re being a fuckwit
  • Will definitely make fun of you more if you act like a fuckwit at us for saying so
  • Will respect your choice to have your questions published anonymously or under a pseudonym
  • UNLESS you are harassing us. In which case we will definitely name, shame, get everyone to mock you and also tell the police 🙂

Guidelines for submission:

  • Email asksaranyaadvice@gmail.com
  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point, but give us a good idea of what you’re trying to find out
  • Let us know if you would like to be anonymous or have a pseudonym, which you can provide or we’ll make one up for you
  • Let us know the pseudonyms you would like us to use for anyone named in your story or we will make them up and everyone will end up called Doris
  • Let us know the best email address to contact you on (will not be published)